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What To Wear For Your Family Photos

What To Wear For Your Family Photos

It’s almost time [okay…. it IS time] to start sending out those Holiday cards! One thing I always hear about is the stress of picking out family outfits and how to coordinate without looking too “matchy.” We just finished our photos this year at Fazeli Cellars in beautiful Temecula, CA & I can’t wait to put together our Christmas cards. If you’re stuck trying to figure out what to wear for your’s, I hope this post will help!

What To Wear For Your Family Photos


Pick out a location for your photos before you do anything else. Think about the area, its colors, and the backdrop. Is the setting giving off a “beachy” or rustic vibe? You’ll want to plan your outfits accordingly. No fur at the beach - get my drift?

Color Palette

Next, you’ll want to choose which colors will go well with your setting. You’ll look best when you contrast with the background. You don’t want to blend in too much with the background. I’m a sucker for blues and grey.

Pick an Outfit You Love First

Find the inspiration for an outfit you love and plan the rest of the family’s pieces around it. I always look to Pinterest and create a board. Then the fun really begins…. shopping! Your starting point can be any family member’s outfit, just make sure it is appropriate to the [you guessed it] setting. There’s nothing worse than sweating through a Fall photo shoot in 80 degree weather just to look the part.

Coordinate and Compliment. Don’t Match

I cannot stress this point enough…. do NOT buy matching outfits for everyone in the family. It’s no longer the “it” thing to do and your pictures will look too posed. Instead, try to coordinate colors with patterns. This year, our colors were blue, grey, and jeans. I used different shades and the boys wore a pattern.

Be Mindful of Too Many Patterns

Try to keep your patterns to a minimum as it can be very distracting in a picture. For my family of four, I would limit patterns to one person or put them on both boys. For a larger family, I would limit patterns to one per four people.

Pick Timeless Pieces

Since these pictures usually get sent out to family and printed to hang on our walls, I would pick pieces of clothing that will still look good after time. Neutrals are always a good choice as they go with any “theme” in your home and are appealing to look at year after year.

Prep and Photograph Your Outfits Together

This year I tried to stay away from matching anything but I wanted to make sure the pieces coordinated well beforehand. I laid out all of our chosen outfits together to make sure they looked nice together before we met with our photographer. You could take this a step further and have your family try on their outfits and take some photos ahead of time on your own. Make sure to iron anything that needs ironing and that everything fits appropriately. When you fell good, you’ll look good!

I’d like to say a special thank you to Fazeli Cellars for providing this beautiful location to shoot. If you are ever in Southern California, this is a winery to visit.

And thank you to our amazing photographer, Alexandra for capturing these precious moments of my family. You can follow her on instagram @AlexandraKarnesPhotography or on facebook here

I’ve linked some of our pieces below for you to shop and similar items for those that weren’t purchased recently. How do you get your family ready for photos? Do you have them taken annually or less often? Share in the comments below! xo, Arcilia

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