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How Yoga Helped My Life and How It Can Improve Yours As Well

How Yoga Helped My Life and How It Can Improve Yours As Well


Meet my dear friend, Jackie. We met while in nursing school in 2013. I always viewed her as a strong woman, capable of anything and always doing so with a positive attitude. Heck, she even had her baby in the middle of a term and came back to finish the program with us. Can we say SUPERWOMAN? Little did I know, she had once battled with anxiety and depression and used Yoga as a means of helping her through it. Her story is one of hope and light. If you’re dealing with depression today, I hope that her story can give you faith to push forward. If you’re a mom dealing with the every day struggles of motherhood, this is for you too! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have.

xo, Cici

How Yoga Helped My Life and How It Can Improve Yours As Well

In 2012 I found myself stressed out, over-worked, and suffering from anxiety attacks that left me in tears and full of embarrassment at my local Costco. I didn’t know why these attacks were coming on, and in the most unusual places. I was left confused and frustrated. I was fearful of going out in public and I felt so isolated from society. That’s when the depression set in. Have you ever had anxiety and depression? It feels like you are constantly worried about everything, but also feeling like you can do anything. It’s a vicious cycle and I knew I wanted out.

Fortunately, I started seeking out counseling which helped, but something was still missing from my life. I wanted a better coping mechanism. My therapist was quick to want to prescribe me medications, and while I do believe medications have their place, it wasn’t the treatment I wanted. I wanted to fix the route cause of this problem and develop coping skills, instead of taking a medication to mask my symptoms.

Luckily, this was also the year that I found Yoga. As I think about this statement of “luck”, maybe it wasn’t luck at all, but instead God’s perfect timing. I had heard about Yoga for years and even had people tell me I should try it. From the young ages of 18 to 22, I served in the United States Army as a combat medic. Intense exercise was my therapy, my church, and what helped me through rough times. The thought of trying Yoga, something I viewed as “boring” and “slow”, didn’t appeal to me at all. Fast forward a year and half though, my body could not keep up with a vigorous, military-style exercise routine. I knew I needed something more gentle. That’s when I stepped into my first Yoga class.

I didn’t really have any expectations going into this Yoga class. It was free and offered several days a week at my local gym, so I felt like I had nothing to lose but maybe an hour of my time. Little did I know though, I gained so much in that hour! I gained peace, a great sense of relaxation, gratitude, and a little bit of self-love (I say a little bit because developing self-love has been a process for me and I know I have so much more love for myself now than I did when I started Yoga). For an entire hour, nothing bothered me. I had zero worries. It was like the world around me had stopped. Time paused for an hour. I got a break from the world, my anxiety, and my noisy brain. After that first class I was hooked. I knew I needed this form of therapy in my life.

Yoga has been a huge part of the last six years of my life. It has helped me through the stress of earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, the pregnancy and birth of two beautiful baby boys, becoming a mom and healing postpartum depression, starting my first job as an RN, starting a company, and growing a strong relationship with my husband. The benefits Yoga has to offer keep on coming day after day. It has been such a blessing and beautiful investment in my life, and in turn these benefits pour over into my family and other relationships I hold dear to me.

Some people start Yoga to gain flexibility or to lose weight and tone their muscles. Other people do Yoga for mindfulness and meditation. And many people just stumble upon Yoga one day out of the blue and continue to practice. But the thing about Yoga is, no matter where you
start we all end up meeting in the same place. A place of gratitude and love. The superficial reasons why we began Yoga no longer matter because our hearts become so full of love and joy and that is what Yoga was meant for. The word Yoga means “yolk” or “union”. Doing Yoga brings us all together.

I would love to share my yoga practice with you!! If you’re an experienced yogi or new to Yoga, I have an at-home yoga practice to share with you. You can join me at stayhomeyoga.

Thank you so much for reading my story and holding space for me. I would love to hear your journey to Yoga as well! Please feel free to share by commenting below on this blog post. Namaste. “The light in my heart honors and acknowledges the kind, likewise light in your heart.”

-Jackie Reed

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