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An Interview With Courtney Hanson of The Sweetest Little Life

An Interview With Courtney Hanson of The Sweetest Little Life

Courtney Hanson | The Sweetest Little Life


If you’re a mom and have an IG account, you probably follow other mamas and we all have those that we just LOVE to follow. Courtney Hanson is one of those mamas I’m just obsessed with [insert heart eyes emoji]! She’s a mom to three littles, wife to a firefighter, & a kick ass mompreneur. She blogs about living life with a purpose, diy hacks and all about mompreneurship. You can purchase her book The Sweetest Little Life: A Mompreneur’s Guide to Success here!

With over 24K followers on instagram, there’s no denying Courtney is an influencer amongst mamas and I’m so excited she’s sharing all of her secrets here on The Modern Mom Blog! She’s sharing why she starting blogging, challenges she's faced, and how she balances being a mommy and a business woman. Follow her and subscribe to her page to follow cutest mama and family. You’ll be obsessed too - I promise!


IG: @thesweetestlittlelife

An Interview With Courtney Hanson of The Sweetest Little Life

1. When did you start blogging and why did you start?

Answer: I began blogging about a year ago, I had the opportunity arise to write a book and have always had the beginnings of a manuscript on my laptop and a passion for writing. When I began blogging I had no idea what I was doing but did know my one sole purpose was to inspire and help other mama's to know it was possible to chase their dreams and still be an amazing mama bear at the same time. 

2. Where do you find your inspiration for your blog topics/posts?

Answer: Just life. What struggles I see entrepreneur friends going through, mom struggles, decor hacks I discover on our renovation journey and seasons of interest. A real motivation for me is being vulnerable with real life situations I face daily and sharing how I conquer them with other women. 

3. What has been your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

Answer: My most successful post was when I opened up about the challenges and fears I have faced during my pregnancy. The scares, the realness, and the pushing through with goal digging when I want to just crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. What made it successful was letting women know they were not alone, we all experience rough patches, and we honestly all get through the other side. The trick was sharing the "how" to push forward. 


4. What is an ability you wish you had?

Answer: To function on no sleep - I'd be wonder woman...hehe

Unfortunately I require a solid nights sleep to be at 100% the next day. Sometimes I will be on a complete roll and push my self to get a good nights rest and finish in the morning. Taking care and knowing your body is number one when running a business and a family all in one swoop. 

5. What does a typical day in your week look like?

Answer: It varies from day to day - which keeps me on my toes and not bored which is what all entrepreneurs crave right?! 

Typically I wake up get my kids ready for the day, drop the big one off at school, and set the little one up with "crafts or activites" to be my big helper while I work. I then spend a few hours on Etsy including my daughter in the process, then at nap will do my writing/admin/phone calls (the things that require me to have quiet.) In the afternoon I pick up my son up and we do homework, head to sports, prepare dinner, and once home eat as a family with no electronics (I am big on shutting it all down and spending family time.) 

Then its bath and bed time for the littles, and back to work for me. I schedule my IG post for the week on Sundays, Organize my Blog Articles for the week and begin to work a little every night on them. I am constantly chasing different education avenues to stay on top of what is trending, what I can do better, where I can climb higher to help my target audience climb as well. (I guess you could call this research my "down time.")


6. If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

Answer: My Family (dogs included), A Pen & Paper. - That's all a girl needs right?

7. Who is your favorite Mompreneur/blogger and why?

Answer: Oh this is a good one! Right now probally Rachel Hollis - I love her message and realness. 

8. Who takes the majority of your photos?

Answer: I have a photographer I use and schedule my IG post out for the month at a time. We have planned out sessions at the beginning of each month for influencer jobs and blog articles. My renovation pictures and behind the scenes credit all goes to my 8 year old who is an awesome little photographer and captures the sweetest moments. (I do have to pay him $5 a week though per the contract he gave me!) LOL

9. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Answer: Yoast SEO - I went a full year without this. NEWBIE error!!!! Also sharing is caring, I try to collab where ever possible and meet like minded mamas and makers where we can both benefit each other in exposure for our blogs or companies. 

10. You are juggling so much - between the kiddos, pregnancy, blog, etsy shop, and social media. What advise would you give another Mompreneur to help her stay organized and on track with all of the the tasks?

Answer: I feel like the biggest hurdle for me is going back and forth with my husband gone and then home. It definitely throws our schedule for a loop every week! (He is a fire fighter) so when he is home he is my biggest cheerleader but when he is gone I have to go in to survival mode. 

Its been finding that balance and truly having PASSION for what I do that keeps me going so strong. I have an end of road goal I can see, and a determination to get there no matter what, I want to leave a legacy for my children to look back and be proud of some day. I am big on planning the night before my day minute by minute. Dividing up house, kids, work, volunteer obligations, etc. It is so crucial also to know when to say no, I have learned this year to pick and choose what is important and falling in alignment with my ultimate goal. I feel the biggest advice I could give another mama is just to prioritize, do the thing you are dreading the most first thing in the morning, then its checked off your list and you are energized knowing "I just kicked this mornings ass" the rest of the day just glides after that. Also dividing your days up for different task...For example, certain days I focus only on Etsy, others I focus only on writing and reaching out to people for new collabs or opportunities, its just dividing and conquering your task in order of priority. 


11. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Answer: Announcing my book, hands down. When I wrote "The Sweetest Little Life" it was very healing but also very terrifying because I wrote things in there that I had never told a soul.

I was so scared of being judged or mocked but knew I had a bigger purpose of helping women know they were not alone in feeling certain feelings. We were all on this amazing journey and I just chomped the bit and prayed women would benefit from the positivity and motivation vs. judging me for being so vulnerable. 

12. Tell us three things most people don’t know about you…


1. I am so obsessed with Grape Sparkling Cider - its for sure my number one pregnancy craving! 

2. Holidays are everything to me - I am a total sap and as sentimental as they come. 

3. Naps are my best friend. - Serious magical power in resetting your brain sometimes. 

13. Last but not least, what advise would you give someone wanting to start a blog/become an influencer?

Answer: Don't over think it. Just dive in, and figure the speed bumps out as you go. I feel women plan to death and then the idea just sizzles out and the passion never gets lit on fire out of pure fear. The biggest thing is being YOU and being real with your journey because someone out there is going to relate and benefit from your story. I mean there is only one of you on this entire PLANET...That means your amazingly awesome sauce special. 

Its creating and getting crystal clear with what your brand will be, what your beliefs are, what is your end of road goal? 

Once you answer those few questions its just GOING FOR IT accepting you will hear No a ton, and learning a lesson from every No on how to turn it into a big fat YES! 

Courtney recently welcomed her son, Tristan into the world. Born a month early, she shares moments of fear, love, and perseverance on her account. I mean…. isn’t he the  cutest ?

Courtney recently welcomed her son, Tristan into the world. Born a month early, she shares moments of fear, love, and perseverance on her account. I mean…. isn’t he the cutest?

Takeaway #1: Just go for it! Don’t let our minds overtake our ability to be bad asses! Get going and fix the glitches along the way.

Takeaway #2: Can we say SEO? [and] collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!

Takeaway #3: Plan…. and be yourself! Your audience will appreciate it and you won’t be as stressed figuring out content.

Are you a mompreneur? Do you have tips for mamas out there trying to grow their blogs/social media. Comment below!

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