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Splish Splash 1st Birthday Party

Splish Splash 1st Birthday Party

With Elijah turning 1 in August, I thought what better way to beat the heat than with a pool party 1st birthday bash! I had a party planner for Alex's 1st birthday but wanted to do this one myself and so I turned to pinterest….. and AMAZON [but of course]!! I found a million ideas and used some of my favorites [alongside some of my own] for a compilation that turned into Eli's first birthday party! I wanted to keep things simple and kid friendly but these ideas can be used for just about any pool party, play date, or summer bash. 

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Letter Board with Personal Hashtag

I love these because you can customize them to say just about anything and they are reusable. Gone are the days of purchasing party décor just to throw it all away the next day! 

Click here to purchase letter board! 


Sunscreen & Towel area

I purchased these bins at the Dollar Tree and added these cute chalk stickers to make them reusable. My favorite part? At the end of the night, I took them and put them under the guest bathroom sink. Now, I can take them out before every gathering we have. So cute and what a time saver! 


"Make a Splash" Punch

Use just about any drink [I used Kool-Aid's blue lemonade flavor... can we say SUGAR RUSH?!]. Best part? You can make adult drinks for adult parties too. Just purchase your drink dispenser and the opportunities are endless!

I also purchased these cups and table cloth as a tableware set from Amazon.


Kiddie Pool Ball Pit

This was a HUGE hit with the littles and parents! A nice, safe spot for the kids to play without the worry of the larger pool. All you need is a kiddie pool and fill it with a bunch a beach balls and plastic balls. Just a note: I linked the plastic balls that I purchased (set of 100), but a larger set would have been more appropriate for this kiddie pool. Try the 400 ball set!


Shark Bait

I also bought a bucket and shovel set to use as a candy area. Add some candy fish and lifesaver gummies (aka innertubes) and watch the kids go crazy! P.S. I'm sensing a theme here.... sugar anyone?


Chips & Dip


Cake! You need lots of cake!

Okay, secret is out. I bought this cake at Albertsons. This sheet cake fed almost 100 people and I purchased 2 dozen cupcakes (not pictured). All this for around $100. I mean... score! Plus, they added this super adorable smash cake at no additional cost. My husband says I've found my new cake spot (ha)!


A personalized shirt or outfit - buy this adorable Uno shirt here!


Gift dropoff area


Balloons and extra party decorations

Alright, so I had goals... lots of goals in this category but just didn't get around to putting it all together [read below on getting everything prepped the night before]. But I will link this awesome party decoration kit in which I used some of the decorations in the pictures above. And don't worry because I won't let this stuff go to waste. You may see some more of it at a "Mom's Night Out" Wine Tasting Party I am just dying to host!

And don't forget to thank your little guests for helping you celebrate! I filled the kids' table with mega pool party favors that they could play with during the party and take home after.

You guys, I had SO much fun planning this party that I wanted to share some tips to plan your own! If you enjoyed this post, write a comment or pin it! This helps me know that my content is useful/enjoyable so I can keep posting things you love! 

How to Plan a Party:


  2. Figure out time/place 2 months in advance.

  3. Reserve location before moving forward with any other planning.

  4. Send out save-the-dates (via Facebook events).

  5. Send out invites 3 weeks before the party. I usually just skip straight to the invites and bypass the save-the-dates (unless you have busy family/friends - then I let them know via message ahead of time).

  6. Set a clear RSVP deadline (I like 1-1 1/2) weeks before party to get headcount for food/cake.

  7. Decide on a menu and order food (or make a list of needed items if you plan to make it yourself).

  8. Send a reminder the week before and the day before the party. There's nothing like that family member that thinks the party is the day after and misses it entirely!

  9. Prep food the night before or pick up morning of.

  10. Show up a couple of hours early to set up. A couple of tips here:

    • If you're having your party at home, do as much prep the night before. You're going to be dragging out of bed the morning of and there's always those that show up early and you have to entertain versus prep.

    • Have someone help with the kids. Have grandma take the littles to pick up balloons or out for breakfast so you can focus 100% on prep. They can even help dress the kiddos while you get ready. Its a lifesaver. You'll thank me later!

  11. Have fun and enjoy your birthday prince/princess!

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