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10 Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

10 Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

When it rains here in California, which is like never, we don’t know what to do with ourselves! Luckily, it’s been raining all week here and I’ve found some great indoor activities for you to do with your littles. Looks like there’s more rain in our forecast so I hope you take advantage and get the kids out of the house and burning off some energy…. because mama needs a break too!


1. The Library
This may seem like an obvious one, but libraries have more than just books and story time nowadays. Our local library has blocks, stuffed animals, and play food for the kids to entertain themselves.

2. The Local Mall
One of our favorite indoor activities is going to the mall. We play in their play area and the boys get a pretzel. If mom is lucky, she gets to shop a little too. Here in Temecula, the Promenade mall has a dedicated play area for small children and an indoor play place (costs money). If it’s a special day, we ride the train, which isn’t free but the kids always get extra excited. Our mall’s train has a monthly pass for purchase where you get unlimited rides.

3. Aquariums and Pet Stores
The boys can stand in front of a fish tank forever. They also love to see all of the dogs and, if they’re lucky, they may get to pet a dog or two. If you are worried about stranger’s pets, I would stay out of Petco or PetSmart and rather visit smaller pet stores where guests cannot bring their own animals.

4. Indoor Chick-fil-A Playplaces
I’m not a fan of fast food play places, but Chick-fil-A is super clean and we usually find a group of stay at home moms on a play date. The nice thing is…. you don’t even have to leave for lunch or ice cream!

5. Local YMCAs, Rec Centers, or Gyms
Most gyms, YMCAs, and park district recreation centers offer a free or relatively cheap hour or two of babysitting in a daycare-like setting for parents who are working out. If you’re a member, I highly recommend you take advantage of this perk. Other centers have spaces you can use for burning toddler energy even if there’s not a specific program going on. If it’s a slow time of day, ask your local YMCA or rec center if you can take your child into the gymnasium or an unused studio or on the indoor track to run around.

6. Ikea
The children’s section at Ikea is set up to entertain the little ones. They have so many toys for the littles to play with and the staged rooms are fun to play in too. Unfortunately, we don’t have one here in Temecula, but sometimes my boys just like to walk through stores and “window shop.”

7. Craft Store
Craft stores are great because you can buy things to keep your littles ones entertained at home for hours. Our craft stores have games and books too, and my oldest loves visiting. Stores, like Michael’s have classes and events where you can choose different projects. Its wonderful if you don’t want to make a mess in your own home while crafting.  

8. Indoor Playspaces and Playgrounds
Have I mentioned my love for indoor playspaces? I take my sons to Child’s Play at least once a week. Their monthly membership is a lifesaver. They have trampolines, race cars, ball pits, and slides. They are small enough that I don’t lose my children but big enough to keep them busy for at least an hour or two. Here in the Temecula area, we are lucky to have many indoor place spaces to take our kiddos of all ages. Here is a list of some of the best indoor playgrounds in our area.

9. Museums
Children’s museums are always a great option, though they tend to be a bit more crazed and crowded than indoor playspaces. We love Pennypickle’s Workshop here in Temecula. Remember that it doesn't always have to be a kid’s museum. We’ve taken our little ones to other museums and they loved running around and looking at all of the sites to see.

10. Local Toy Stores
I know, I know…. your kids are going to want to buy every toy they see. This may be worth it to get them out of the house and happy. Sometimes I set a “toy budget” or lure them out with a lollipop. Our Disney store, has a. movie and coloring area and the Thomas store has interactive train tracks for the kids to play with. Get creative, mamas! Any place that will let my kids make a mess outside of our house is a winner for me!

Here are some pictures of our little guys playing at our favorite places in Temecula.

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